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Into its 8th year, Hwa Chong Past vs Present was started in 2008 to provide past and Hwa Chong Institution and Hwa Chong International School students a platform to gather and engage in friendly sports competitions with students of their age and also with alumni. This year, Nanyang Girls High School will also be included in this, making this event Past vs Present vs Future.

PvsP will be held on 6th September (Sunday) morning across the Hwa Chong campus.

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Proudly organized by the Hwa Chong Alumni Association Youth Chapter

About the Youth Chapter: As Hwa Chong leaps forward into the future, it is more important than ever for the school to have a strong and vibrant alumni association to ensure her continued educational achievements and legacy. The Youth Chapter aims to inspire Hwa Chong alumni to contribute to their alma mater through pioneering alumni activities. Complete your Hwa Chong journey by joining the Youth Chapter today.