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The participation fee is $15 per participant per game.

Every participant is entitled to an exclusive Past vs Present 2016 T-shirt, a goodie bag filled with our new Hwa Chong Alumni special merchandise, and a great deal of fun on that day!

Simply fill up the registration form and follow the instructions on the form to make your payment.

Registration closes on 6 September 2016 (Tuesday) 2359 hours.

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Rules & Games



Please ensure that total payment for the team is calculated correctly before transferring the money to the following account: DBS Account: 006-008033-2

Please put the first name of the Team Captain followed by the first 3 letters of your team name as the reference for the transaction or the name that will appear as the payer for the ibank transfers.

For example, for Team Name: 'Super Heroes' and Team Captain: Andy Ho Zhi Xiong

Transaction Reference/Payer Name to Appear: 'ANDY SUP'

For those without English name, it'll be 'ZHIXIONG SUP'

If it turns out to be too long, please trim down your first name. After that, please copy the confirmation page (remove your own account balance), paste it on an email and send it to Remember to include your full team name and Team Captain's name in that email.

ATM Transfer

For ATM transfers, there will be no need for this. However, you'll have to retain the receipt of the fund transfer, scan or snap a copy (ensuring all details can be seen clearly in the image) and email it to Likewise, remember to include your full team name and Team Captain's name in that email.

You'll receive a confirmation when we've received your payment.